Knob Creek Gun Range

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Machine Gun Shoot

The Machine Gun Shoot is a semi annual event typically held on the second weekend of April and October.

The participants are machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiast from all over the country. The Machine Gun Shoot itself consist of four rounds of firing at a wide variety of appliances, vehicles, pyramids of tires, and barrels of fuel with pyrotechnic charges attached. The pyrotechnic charges are then painted orange for the shooter to see. The charges are set off by the impact of the bullets. Creating large and small mushroom clouds and fire balls from hell!! Their objective is to destroy everything down range. A wide variety of rare and exotic weaponry will be on display for all to see. Such as Water Cooled Brownings, Mini-guns, AK-47's, MG-42's, Tommy Guns, M-16's, Vickers Belt Fed, Uzi's, MP5's & many others too numerous to mention.